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Blackpool Secure Car Park
109-115 Hornby Road, Blackpool,
Lancashire FY1 4QP
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Secure airport parking in Blackpool ...peace of mind while you are on holiday

We provide great rates on airport parking in Blackpool, if you missed our price list it is on the home page. Prices are from as little as £35.00 for 7 nights, we are the only manned secure car park in Blackpool - so you can rest assured that while you are away your car will be safe from vandalism and theft. During our opening hours our car park is manned on a valet parking basis as part of the security and fire regulations issued by ACPO and Park Mark.

Save time by booking in advance can rely on our safe and secure parking unit

Thanks to our great new booking system which can be found here, secure parking spaces can be booked in advance, therefore if you book yourself in early enough you can rest assured that you will have secure parking whilst you are on holiday - the best laid plans and all that.

Blackpool International Airport parking prices ...don't bother paying over the odds

At the time of writing this 17/06/2012 the prices for parking at Blackpool International airport are huge, well they are in comparison to our secure unit. We charge a minimum of £8.00 per night, in a secure unit, and they charge £28.00 per night and their car park is not as secure as ours - come and see for yourselves.

Easy access to the Airport from our car park's almost park and ride, we'll get you there

At this point you should be weighing up what the best option is for you cost-wise for your airport parking, after all we are in a recession. If you are away on holiday for 7 nights we can accommodate you for a recession-busting £35.00, additional nights are charged at the rate of £5.00 each. If you compare this to the cost of one night at Blackpool International Airport the price is still cheaper! We don't have a shuttle service but as we are within a 5 minute drive of Blackpool International Airport a taxi from our secure car park to the airport will cost next to nothing.