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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Car Park

Ever since I was young I've enjoyed Blackpool Pleasure beach. Once upon a time I could spend the day there for free as there was no entry fee. Oh, how times have changed, anyway enough about that, if you plan to visit Blackpool and would like to park up at the Pleasure Beach there are a few things to consider.

blackpool pleasure beach

Getting there

Take junction 32 off the M6 (Broughton interchange) onto the M55. From there it's signposted (brown tourist signs) pretty much all the way there.

Bear in mind, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is large, you should plan which end you want to park at so you can quickly access the rides you plan on using whilst there.

For instance, if you plan on visiting Nickelodean land you might think it wise to park at the South end, however they only let you in that entrance if you are a guest at their hotel, Big Blue! It's a VIP entrance.

Pleasure Beach owned car parks

The Pleasure Beach have 5 car parks to deal with the size of the place and the volume of visitors.

  • North Entrance, Balmoral Road, FY4 1HR — £18 on the day, online £18 (off-peak) £20 (peak) guaranteed reserved space
  • East Car Park, Bond Street, FY4 1BW — prices from £15.00
  • Argosy Car Park, Bond Street, FY4 1HW — prices from £15.00
  • West Car Park, Ocean Boulevard, FY4 1PL — prices from £15.00

Photos of Blackpool Pleasure Beach Car Park

One of my favourite free parking spots near the Pleasure Beach is New South Promenade. Check out the photos below for reference.

Main North Entrance of Blackpool Pleasure BeachView of Blackpool Pleasure Beach's entrance from the bottom of Balmoral Road, Adventure Golf is on the leftNew South Promenade from the leftNew South Promenade from the right

I grew up in Blackpool so have fond memories parking up here as a teenager and chilling out on the promenade, possibly with a girlfriend at the time 😇. I also worked at the "Plej" as it's know locally, on the prom units, flipping burgers.

Things to do nearby

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Sand Castle Water Park
  • South Promenade
  • Crazy Golf
  • Ice skating
  • Walks down the prom
  • Illuminations
  • Study the local architecture
  • Catch a tram to the Sand Dunes
  • Visit The Solaris Centre for a cup of tea and view local art

Alternatives to car parks owned by Blackpool pleasure beach

You might find cheaper parking outside the Pleasure Beach, here are a few suggestions

  • On street parking, there are plenty of places nearby you can park for free, you might have to scout about for while, and get there as early as possible. One of my favourite spots is New South Promenade as the promenade is very nice at that end, there's also Burlington Road, Clifton Drive, and Bond Street.
  • There's a car park behind the North Entrance car park on Bond Street