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Coral Island Car Park

Surprise! There isn't an official car park for Coral Island, however, you can park at a variety of different car parks found nearby which are detailed below.

Balmoral Road Car Park

Getting to Coral Island Car Park

As mentioned above, there's no official car park for Coral Island, but you can park at either Bonny Street Car Park or Central Car Park as they within spitting distance.

Check out the map below to see where they are located.

Photos of Coral Island Car Park

As stated earlier, the mythical Coral Island Car Park doesn't actually exist, so here are some photos of the nearest car parks that you can park at to access Coral Island, Bonny Street & Central Car parks.

Central Car Park prices and pay and display machineCars parked opposite Coral IslandEntrance to Bonny Street Car ParkBonny Street Car Park prices

Things to do nearby

  • Coral Island
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Sea life Center
  • Central & North Blackpool
  • Central & North Promenades
  • Central & North Piers
  • Arcades, video games, slot machines etc.
  • Local delicacies, e.g. Fish & Chips, Seafood
  • Nightclubs, e.g. the locally famous Flag Ship Bar

Free parking options

There's no free parking in the immediate vicinity except for some marked bays near the entrance to Bonny Street car park, but they are for 0.5–1 hours only. Either that or you'll have to try your luck further afield on a side-street off Hornby Road.